What A Season!


This Great Season Has Ended!

We are happy to announce that on the 23rd of March BGF Raven's have WON the Metro League - 9 Division with an incredible 100% success record. And to do it all on the year of our clubs 60th anniversary makes it that more special. BGF Raven's RFC have defeated Emerald Warrior's RFC 11 - 0 in the playoffs. It wasn't easy! Both teams gave everything they got but unfortunately for the Warriors our defence has been phenomenal this year and we're not gonna let it down now.

Well Deserved

Every training session this year we've hit it hard on so many areas such as our discipline, tactics and fitness as if every session was the last ten minutes of game. And it payed off! Not only were the Warriors unable to penetrate our defence in the most important game of the season, we also had the least conceded points in the league. This is a clear result of the hard work and commitment given by all Ravens.

Thank You

We would like to say a big thank you to our sponsors Burke Lubricants and G4S, we are grateful for all you have done for our club. This small club has come a long way to get here. A lot of hard work has been put in throughout the years, on and off the pitch. As a result there's so many people to thank but two names truly stand out, our coach Paul Ng and team captain Mark Shanahan . We thank you Paul for all the work, time, planning and patience you have put into getting us here. And Mark we thank you for keeping our discipline in check and being a good example on and off the pitch.

To all BGF Raven's players, committee members and supporters, Thank You!