For this weeks Q&A we have another member of the backs, our one and only Alan Murray :)

How long have you been with the team?

"I've been with the team since 2018, so 4 years now"

Now that the covid restrictions look to be finally done with, have you noticed any change in your fitness and health (physically or mentally)?

"I think mentally everything's easier because it's been easier to get out and meet people and do things that were shut down. Physically the lungs took a battering with covid but they're getting better all the time"

After being with the team a little while now, is there any position you would like to try or focus on in the up coming season?

"I'd like to focus more on getting better at full back"

What is your favorite moment in a Ravens jersey?

"Hard to have one favorite moment, but I'd say it was last year when we went undefeated in the league and lifted the metro 8 trophy"

With the Ravens Tour to Wales done and dusted, how did you find it? Did you enjoy the match?

"Wales was a cracker of a trip, haven't had that much fun in ages tbh and the match was competitive and great craic"